Video playback/cowboy remotes
Webb Cowboy Remote and Video Analyzer for only $449
  • Get the smooth playback you expect with the Cowboy Remote TM, watching video files!
  • Webb Media Analyzer can play most video formats, including video from SD cards, Cameras, Video Exchange and more! Save time by clicking open video, then sit back and get to coaching!
  • Use full screen to teach your players
  • Take Screenshots for scouting Reports
  • Zoom in on video to get a closer view of the action!
  • Telestrate over the video to show your players the correct way to play!
  • This is a great product for anyone who uses video to teach!
  • Best of all, you can Download a Free 7 Day Trial from our website!
Use Air Potato to control Wireless
  • Normally you can clip your plays with the pushbutton on the receiver or via the pushbutton on remote cable connected to the receiver
  • An option is to have the clips made via the Air Potato.
  • The sideline camera person when turning on the sideline camera can also control the wireless system to clip your plays automatically. This system also has the option to control your endzone camera.
  • Another option is to use the Hand Held Air Potato where the operator can be in the press box, on the field or sitting in the stands
14 Button Cowboy Remote - For Victory, GameDay & Advantage
  • GameDay compatible remote with superior technology
  • USB Cowboy Remote ready to work with your laptop or desktop computer
  • So many unigue button functions; including Arrow-Buttons, 1-Button, Cutup List-Button, & the Full Screen-Button
  • Arrow-Buttons allow you to navigate & scroll through your plays with one touch LIKE SWITCHING SONGS ON THE RADIO!
  • 1-Button allows you to create EDL’s (Edit Decision Lists) with one touch
  • Cutup List-Button allows you to easily navigate through you cutup lists, menus, & other views
  • Full Screen-Button allows you to toggle into full screen viewing instantaneously
  • Key function of a Cowboy Remote are included: including slow-mo, instant replay, freeze frame, reverse play
  • Built in Laser Pointer
9 Button Cowboy Remote - for Webb Media Analyzer
  • The Original Cowboy Remote provides the best playback of any remote in the business hands down. The quality of our remotes will provide you years of use, with a 3 year warranty.
  • The 9 button remote connects via the USB port on your PC, and has a laser pointer built in to the remote. This is the ultimate VCR Replacement!
  • You can use the remote to get a smooth reverse play of many different video formats.
  • The 9 button remote comes with Webb Media Player basic, but ask us about upgrading to Webb Media Analyzer for even more great features!
  • Other features of the remote include a Sleek ergonomical design makes this the most comfortable remote to use.
  • Lighted Buttons make it easy to use in a dark room
  • 17 key functions; including slow-mo, instant replay, freeze frame, reverse play