Mini Rover Indoor Systems
Hand Held Air Potato Camera System
  • Remote control (record on/off) of 1 to 3 cameras at the same time.
  • Don’t be stuck behind the camera while coaching.
  • Video only what you want.
  • Easily synchronize the video of drills or games shot from different angles.
  • Remote is pocket sized.
  • Belt clip is included in rubber case.
  • Operates on a normal 9 volt battery.
  • Optional recharger.
  • Very portable and light weight.
Mini RoverCam 18 & Hand Held Air Potato
  • The Mini RoverCam 18 is designed to video record in gyms and other indoor venues
  • Space-conscience tripod base that easily fits along the baseline.
  • Comes with our Hand Held Air Potato System which allows you to synchronize the start/stop recording of 1 - 8 cameras
  • Video is automatically clipped saving you valuable time by eliminating the need to match video
  • Recording only the action you want
Rover indoor 18 ft telescoping camera system - with remote camera control
  • Mounted with Camera is the Hand Held Air Potato Receiver that powers your camera and turn on/off record to capture just the video you need. No need to edit video after practice or game as it is ready to enter into your edit system.
  • Can easily change height from 7' to 18' to give you the a lot of flexibility shooting in the gym
  • Can be setup and stored in less than 5 minutes!
  • Quick release plate for the camera to allow for easy setup
  • Adjustable tilt head for camera, allowing you to change angle to maximize full height of the system!
  • Rubber feet to protect gym floor