Rover Air Potato Camera Packages
Air Potato Package with RoverCam 26 Endzone/Telescoping Camera System
  • Remote control (record on/off) of the RoverCam 26 Endzone system from the sideline potato
  • Take the recording responsibilities out of the Endzone cameraman’s hands
  • Download the same number of clips from all cameras
  • Matching angles made easy
  • Sideline and end zone recording with one button press
  • Air Coach Potato Package includes AVCHD 1920X1080 Full HD camcorders, Tripod, and ACP2L1R Air Coach Potato for control and power of 2 Local Camcorders and control of 1 Remote Camcorder.
  • This Package also includes the RoverCam 26 Tripod Based Telescoping Camera system to give you a higher view of your practices and Games!
  • Multiple heights give you a lot of flexibility to shoot higher or lower.
  • Light weight, for easy transport