Detailed Features - Benefits (Advantages)
Coaches Video has 3 different series of Rover Telescoping Systems
  • Elite Series - for organizations that have larger budgets and want a more professional system
  • Standard Series - for organizations where cost is an issue, but still need a unit with many features
  • Economy Series - for organizations with smaller budgets or individuals
  • All units can be purchased with cameras or you possibly can use an existing camera depending on model. The Rover units are compatible with most Sony camcorders and some Canon.
Features you will find in the Elite, Standard and Economy
  • The weight of the unit is dispersed across the ends of the extra wide tripod legs for greater stability
  • The system has LED indicator to indicate Record On/Off
  • Manual tilt so you have a very responsive tilt and will not miss any of the action compared to electric tilt units.
  • Rugged Design, rugged manual tilt and tilt control, heavy duty
  • Best strain relief for cables on the market
  • Works seamlessly with Air Potato
  • Rover uses a tripod system (3 legs) that has very long steel legs for greater stability
  • Replay Ready
  • Dual Purpose (mono-pod and tripod system) Mono-pod system allow you to move from drill to drill quickly
  • The control arm and monitor can be adjusted to different heights for comfort and efficiency
  • 30+ years experience
Elite Series Unique Feature and Benefits
  • Elite comes in 19ft, 25ft, 26ft and 32ft models
  • Enclosed monitor to protect it from impact and the elements. LED Indicators for Power and Camera Status in monitor enclosure
  • Single lithium battery that powers camera, monitor and optional Potato. There is no need to purchase extended life camera batteries or swap out batteries at halftime. The battery has a usage indicator
  • Includes a professional 8 inch monitor that is bright enough to even see in sunlight
  • AC or Battery Powered
  • Bearing foot for smooth panning
  • Industrial type connectors are used everywhere possible. The camera can be broken if handled improperly.
  • The Elite system comes with stabilize cables that can be added in a few minutes
Standard and Elite Feature Benefits
  • The Rover system has fewer parts and can be setup in 5 minutes. No tools needed
  • Operates at multiple levels, has a large operating range. Examples record player point of view or in windy conditions you can bring it down to a safer height
  • Travel case for electronics included
  • Standard and economy has a 7 inch monitor