Hand Held Air Potato TM - Remote System
Hand Held Air Potato Camera System
  • Remote control (record on/off) of 1 to 3 cameras at the same time.
  • Don’t be stuck behind the camera while coaching.
  • Video only what you want.
  • Easily synchronize the video of drills or games shot from different angles.
  • Remote is pocket sized.
  • Belt clip is included in rubber case.
  • Operates on a normal 9 volt battery.
  • Optional recharger.
  • Very portable and light weight.
Fence Mount Part No. - FenceMount1
  • Our adaptable Fence Mount Option can be installed on a variety of fences or walls. With an attachment capacity range of a Min. 0.25” - Max. 6.75”, the Fence Mount can accommodate most fence installation situations.
  • Click on the image to see samples of its flexibility.
  • Extension pole ordered separately or purchased by customer. (Part# - ExtPole48)
Ball Mounting Part No. - TripActBall
  • Our Coaches Video action ball head offers smooth and stable control of the camera. The locking system will hold a camera steady at all time. The large quick release plate will hold up to a medium format camera safe and secure. With optional extra quick release plates, changing cameras is quick & simple. This head is suited for both tripods, monopods or installed on a surface.
Plate Mount Part No. - ActBallMPlate
  • Coaches Video Plate Mount Options provides a flat surface to place the transmitter in conditions where a flat surface is not available.
Tripod Part No. - VPR1
  • Get a better view of the action on the field by adding a tripod to your Hand Held Air Potato System. Now you can record video “on the go” and get the exact camera angle you need to better coach your athletes.