Football Playbook Software
Webb Playbook 1 - Your complete solution for Play Drawing and More!
  • Use Webb Playbook 1 for your complete tool for Playbooks, Drawings, Play Cards and Game planning for your team!
  • Create custom Presentations with video, Power Points, Reports and other files
  • Integrated reports for use in Playbook or Webb Editing Systems
  • Use Drawings you create in Playbook in any other software including Word, PowerPoint and other desktop programs quickly and easily
  • Easy to draw and organize Formations, Plays and Defenses
  • Quickly match plays against defenses
  • Create Game plans and save in user definable folders
  • Add custom text boxes to drawings
  • Multiple size and shapes of symbols available
  • Create new formations and plays quickly with stored sets, blocking schemes, actions and pass routes
Webb Playbook 2
  • Webb playbook 2 has all the great features of Webb Playbook 1 and allows you to create videos and animations together to present to your players in Webb Playbook!
  • Create custom presentations with video and playbook drawings, PowerPoint slides and graphics files
  • Use great playback of video with the Webb Cowboy Remote TM. Draw over video to teach your players. Toggle between your play drawings and videos to emphasize player assignments and examples of good and bad plays
  • Add Circles, Squares and Lines to your video to bring your points home
  • Add Text to your videos to emphasize your coaching points.
  • Record your Voice over the Video to show in your coaching points